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Sara Carbonero

Meet Sara Carbonero Arevalo, she is the totally hot girlfriend of Real Madrid and Spain National Team”s goalkeeper Iker Casillas. Would you like to know more about this Spanish babe? Keep reading and check out Sara Carbonero’s photos and video below.

Sara was born in Corral d Almaguer in Toledo, Spain on November 30, 1984, so she is now 26 years old. Since a very young age this remarkable young lady showed sings of her outgoing and happy self, she was known by her friendly, gorgeous smile and incredible eyes.

When she was studying journalism at Universidad Computense in Madrid, she got a job as an intern in the sports radio station Radio Marca, which broadcasts sports 24 hours a day, she also took a job in Balon along other broadcasters and on Supermarca she played solo. She also worked for a small period of time at Spain’s oldest sports radio station Cadena Ser, it was until May, 2007 that she got one of her most important jobs as the sports reporter in La Sexta.

At La Sexta she became recognized as one of the best and most beautiful sports reporters in Spain, she covered the Eurobasket in 2007 in Madrid, she was also invited to join the team of Minuto y Resultado a sports television shows that covers the Spanish League Championships.

In April 2009 she became the sports reporter at Telecinco, since Telecinco will be broadcasting the Worlds Cup, Sara will be close to her boyfriend Iker Casillas.

Now let’s find out the details about her romantic life that now involved Spain’s most handsome and incredible goalkeeper.

He recently split up with his girlfriend Eva Gonzalez, it was in the early months of 2010 that we heard of Sara dating Iker and Spain and the world went crazy over their new relationship, after all he is one of the best goalkeepers in the World and Sara was selected FHM’s number one sexiest reporter in the world, and they did choose well, have you seen a photo of her? You’ll see how sexy she is and her lips are just perfect. And what does Sara have to say about her sexy beau?

“My Man is the best goalkeeper of the World” Sara Said.

Sara is Spain’s sweetheart and now that she is Iker Casillas’ girlfriend, they have become Madrid’s golden coupe. Now take a look at Sara Carbonero Arevalo’s photos and video below.

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero

Iker Casillas kissed Sara Carbonero

Spanish TV reporter Sara Carbonero, who is also a girlfriend of the Spanish national goalkeeper Iker Casillas, was surprisingly kissed during an interview.
After Spain defeated 1:0 the Netherlands at the final of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Sara Carbonero interviewed Casillas. At one point he just exploded emotionally and kissed her lips. Something even she didn’t expected. Something which caused as much sensation as Spain’s victory! Watch the video… it’s so romantic!

Spanish Girls

Spanish girl is being painted at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.


Spanish Girls

Spain meets Portugal in a 1/8 final match of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, and no doubts this is the derby of the day. The winner will qualify to the 1/4 finals, where the team of Paraguay already waiting.


Spanish girls support their team in World Cup 2010


Que viva España!



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